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Live CGI, the leading creator of sponsor-ready virtual production studios, was looking to expand their existing product features to attract new customers as they continue to build a cutting-edge technology product utilizing the Unreal Engine to create an interactive video player. They needed to move quickly to find additional engineering resources but were looking for engineers with a highly specific skill set. A growing team would empower them to utilize their recently awarded EPIC MegaGrant for Virtual Production, and to take their product offering to the next level.

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35% Increase in Team Productivity

How to Find Unreal Developers

To help Live CGI create a fully customizable virtual environment for content production, we set out to find Unreal developers with the following skills:

  • React.js
  • Streaming Video
  • Web RTC

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Why Unreal Developers Were Needed

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Our approach was to help clarify our development needs, and work with BetterEngineer to find some of the best engineers in the shortest span of time to execute our vision. We needed engineers who could build scalable applications and solve the various technological problems that we were facing in our growth.

Once a talented pool of Unreal developers was identified, BetterEngineer assisted us in finding candidates who could build and maintain the React layer of a large web application. From there, we reviewed candidates that were presented to us via BetterEngineer's platform, knowing that they had already been screened for both cultural, background, and technological fit.


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Finding Experienced Unreal Developers

BetterEngineer has an array of experienced developers who are ready to hit the ground running in fast environments. We needed to find engineers who were savvy enough to optimize the code we had already established, as well as utilize modern technologies to develop our newer product offerings. 

It was important to find developers who were experienced in building efficient and sustainable to scale code and components. They also needed to be able to collaborate with our product design team to implement the UX, as well as test compatibility across all broadcasting avenues. Essentially, Live CGI required highly skilled developers with experience in multiple aspects of the agile software development lifecycle.


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Finding the Right Fit for the Live CGI Team

The engineers that BetterEngineer works with internationally have already been vetted for cultural fit, background checks and seamless communication skills. We needed to hire engineers who would blend instantaneously with the existing Live CGI team and be able to hit our development deadlines on time.

“By partnering with BetterEngineer, we were able to quickly get the talent we needed to build our immersive experiences. It was important to achieve our goals in our allotted development cycles and we were able to bring on skilled engineers that could take ownership and get the job done.” - Marc Rowley, CEO, Live CGI


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